‘Armed’ with a journalism and media degree, Paul Taylor has covered numerous English Football League, Super League, NFL, Major League Baseball, NHL, MLS, CFL & National Lacrosse League events, dating back to 2008. He has been fortunate enough to interview various sporting personalities, including the likes of Roger Goodell, Jack Eichel and Clint Dempsey.

As a result, Paul has lived in and traveled to various places around England and North America, from Sheffield to Seattle and Manchester to Toronto. Throughout it all, the one message he has for anyone in this industry is to never take it for granted.

Some of you may be wondering why Paul has decided to start a Huddersfield sports blog? It essentially comes down to a combination of having previously completed his degree at the University of Huddersfield and wanting to provide more coverage for the area.

Join us as we start our mission to gain more exposure for Huddersfield Town, the Giants and other local sides, both around the country and on a more global level. If anyone is interested in contributing, offering feedback or anything else, please contact Paul at: pltindustries@hotmail.com



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